Let me guide you into the light in a new way of finding answers and solutions to todays problems.no issue is to big or left unsolvable. Restoring luck ,love and happyness to others lifes has been my number one priority.

              Many Diffrent Readings To Choose From  


Palm Readings 25$-35$

A palm readings is a very basic and general charchter reading.

 Looking into you life,health,love and money lines I will be able to tell you what your past ,present and future hold for you.




Tarot Card Reading 45$ - 50$

Tarot card readings are a very well detailed reading answering any to most questions with out being asked. Tarot cards are very popular do to the details they give on love,health,romance and much more.


Aura/Chakra Energy Readings 50$-60$

Aura/Charka Readings are very detailed and intence, by looking at your own speific color and energy wheels in your aura/charka I can and will tell you about the journeys you have and will embark on, the people you should keep in and out of your life and what negitive and positive influnces you should keep in or away from,